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  • Company Profile

    We are not only having the advanced printing and outputting machine,digital printing facility,the other perfect facility of automatic processing after printed but also the production line with a number of automation,semi-automatization and having the mature hand-made finished products.

    At present,80% of our packaging products are sold far to Europe,America,etc.We have the abundant experience of export operation,OEM and ODM management.This is to make sure we could provide all for our clients no matter of what they need.

    From our clients’ requirements for effective communication-Creative research-Model design-Vision design-Structure design-Finished artwork design-Blank sample testing and making-Colorful sample testing and making-Standard customized-The support of IE technology with whole jorney of approachable and professional service.We carry out the theory in accordance with R&D design deciding the quality for any packaging.We aim to provide fast and high-quality products’ solution for our clients from all over the world.

    Coporate Vision

    To be one of the world-class and top quality packaging Company

    Company Mission

    Helping all employee for better progress,soving problems for customers,creating value for them !

    Company’s core value

    We could win customers,leading the market only when we have the top quality and perfect service.

    Corporate strategy

    keeping the crisis sense of any time,keeping going for new things,improving constantly to win from the cruel market competition.